Monday, November 19, 2007

the building of the excitment

I am T-2 days until I board a plane headed to NYC for Thanksgiving.

I am so ridiculously excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year will be a little bit different. We have tickets to the NIT tournament and we are (cross your fingers) supposed to go see the Rockettes!!!

I'm pumped.

And I'm hoping to squeeze in some time with Sunburned while I'm there too!


Anonymous said...

I need a new fake Rolex! Hahahahahahaha. Have fun, be safe, rock on! Your NTBNPF

Jenn said...

I had already planned to get A&B something from me... (not that they really know me or anything, but that's not the point). The fake rolex's look really bad these days... how 'bout a fake Gucci purse? Or Prada??

Anonymous said...

How about you'd better not bring any of us anything except your sweet self safely home! xoxo