Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i was going to do this really fun top 10 list of stuff, and then I got distracted.

then i was going to do a list of recent happenings in my life, and then I got distracted.

then i was going to try to finish the first one, and got distracted.

upon trying again, i got distracted.


Here's the recent highlights as brief as possible for fear of, well, another distraction.
  • I received a big surprise at work on Monday.
  • This further serves as confirmation that I am in the right place (location wise)
  • I cried like a baby about it; it was so AWESOME.
  • My friend Miranda is an official CleveVegas resident. I'm beyond pumped.
  • We've been able to walk on the Breezeway twice in the last three days. Thrilling I tell ya'.
  • Biggest Loser started last week, and it just makes me happy thinking about that show. Bob Harper -- such a hottie!
  • Bible study starts up tomorrow night and I. CAN'T. WAIT. Beth Moore and my FBC ladies. It's almost too much!
  • My bro started an awesome new job on Monday.

I've been telling my friends that since whatever funky fog has been hanging the last year has finally lifted, I'm a lot more vocal to tell you my opinion. I've mostly told people that this thing -- whatever it was -- kinda made me jaded, but I'd like to think in a good way. I'm still me. And after a year of feeling and internalizing everything like I have -- those days are finally over. Thank God!

... okay... I got interrupted again. I'm posting now, and I'll update later.

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