Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gone diggin'

I'm a firm believer that, for women, the contents and organization of our purse speak loudly as to who we are. After choosing myself as guinea pig, I decided to empty my purse and provide evidence as such. I realize that I failed to take a "before" picture. Thank Jehovah. It was a hot mess and you are better off having not seen it.
Here is my empty, flat purse:

And here are the contents:
1 wallet
3 checkbooks
1 badge for work
2 cells phones
6 rubber bands
1 barrette
1 Victoria's Secret Card
1 used Wal-mart gift card
2 rings
1 bracelet
1/2 piece of gum w/ wrapper
5 pens
1 powder compact
4 receipts
1 tube of mascara
1 tube of actual lipstick
3 tubes of lipgloss
1 tin of lipgloss
1 tube of chapstick
$2.81 in change
1 set of keys
1 tube of lotion
1 Digital camera
1 stick of fingernail polish (it's a new thing)

Needless to say, I am SERIOUSLY worried about dry or chapped lips. I mean, who needs 6 lip products in one bag? This also would predispose me to be more concerned with appearance than with the quality of things, you know? I have to believe it says other things about, as in... I'm scared of single things. I apparently like stuff in multiples. I.E. Phones.

So... what's in your bag?


Broken Shadows said...

I dare say I don't have one. I've never really been a big fan of having anything dangling off my arm and I really don't have the proper attire either to pull off carrying one around.

Ok . . .
And I was a psychologist I would definitely have to study why you have multiple items of the same in your purse.

Ah - Well,
Hope everything is going great your way.

Later Michael

Bitsy said...

Here goes. . .
-a reminder card of a church event
-a highlighter
-cell phone
-silver earrings
that I've been looking for
-a coupon (expired of course)
-hand cream
-two napkins (unused thank
-Skybus ticket stub
-six receipts
-5 empty gum wrappers
-offering envelope
-directions to somewhere I don't
-loose change
-flashdrive case with 3 flashdrives
-small spiral notepad
-checkbook w/two accounts
-empty pack of orbit
-3 ink pens
-Zyrtec flyer
-3 tubes lip gloss
-hair color appt. card
-phone charger cord
-Antihistimine samples from my Dr.
and. . .
-a zippered makeup bag w/2 pill bottles, tylenol, lipstick, more antihistimine samples, tide pen, eye drops, ink pen, church key, 2 ponytail holders
and. . . don't really know why I have this, but a zip lock bag with Splenda, another Tide pen???, some business cards, pack of kleenex, a credit card wallet, and pearl hair barrette, and a Bonefish Grill gift card.

Well, there you have it, that's actually embarrassing!!! I carry and big bag and go prepared, huh?

Holly said...

hey do you like that new nail polish in a stick stuff?

Jenn said...

Holly, I actually like it. You have to get the tip full of polish, which take a little while, but once you do, you don't have those annoying smudges on the sides of your finger, and you don't have to worry about spilling the bottle. Plus, they're not all that unreasonably priced.