Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my brain is one big pond of scum today. do you ever have those days? those days where you're not happy, you don't really have anything to really be upset about, and yet you find yourself having the worst attitude?? today I have:
  • eaten lunch at my desk. this is a shining star in my day because i made my lunch.
  • cried on the phone with my mom. when she hurts, i hurt.
  • been frustrated with my brother. ugh.
  • threatened to put an auditor in a box and ship him back to atlanta.
  • told my coworker to leave because they're annoying me by breathing.

Jesus would sooooooooooo not do that.

my little pity party blog may have only served to remind me how blessed i truly am and that i'm just acting like a brat.

oh... and secrets are BAD. they hurt people. they destroy relationships. they destroy progress. more on that later.

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