Friday, May 19, 2006


Haven't blogged in a few days... definitely indicative of how my week has been! My allergies have been really, really, really bad. Two nights this week, I went to bed before 9:00, which is ridiculous since I love to stay up late. I just couldn't breathe... so I had to call it a day both times.

Tonight will be the last time I blog for at least a few days unless I can figure out how to hook up into my new roomie's cable internet. Hopefully we'll be able to get that squared away soon.

Right now:

I have cute shoes (black strappy espadrilles) that I got for $12.

My house looks as though a tsunami hit and left only the rubble. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but that's how it feels.)

I'm still clogged up, but I am holding out hope.

Lord... how did I accumulate all this crap???? I have wondered that all week. Work has been... disastrous... at best. There is an adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Well... this week I broke everything I touched, it feels like, thus everything needs repair. Wow. Thank God for things getting better.

As stupid as this sounds, I feel like my week is a direct result of me running my mouth. You know, what you sow, you also reap. Well, I just need to keep my big mouth shut. Let's just leave it at that. There is alot of other personal stuff going on... but you know, some things just aren't appropriate to blog about. :D (You know who you are!)

I'm excited about next weekend... visiting NYC. I'm pumped about getting to see John Mark. The weekend after that, I will be in the ATL for a wedding, and get to see a few more old friends. The week after that... I could go on. Back to my point, I am excited about NYC. My brother sent me a message that I thought was hysterical:
"I'm excited to see you... and not like Jessie Spano's rendition either..."

I love it. For those of you who do, please pray that I will get everything I need to done tonight. I must do so much!!! Beginning with... unplugging my computer. :(

Much love... JLC

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