Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So, the last two posts have been somewhat random ramblimgs about NY. Here are a final few:

1. Jesus loves technology. My brother keeps testing the Lord and God proves faithful in finding and repairing all that is lost and broken (i.e. Driver’s license, memory cards, CD’s, and telephones). Some people lay a fleece before the Lord, JM chooses electronics.
2. I really love the city.
3. Yay for Fleet Week!
4. I didn’t realize that everyone in NY smokes. It’s crazy.
5. Finally got to visit Grand Central and the acoustically perfect corridors rock my face.
6. It’s so sad about CBGB.
7. Our driver kept calling the Flat Iron building the Flat ITEM building.
8. I ran into the girl I sat next to on the plane. Does anyone know the odds of that in a city of 5,000,000 people?
9. Boarding is such sweet sorrow. L
10. The heavens from the other side are so beautiful.
11. Met one of the Atlanta Falcons doctors who knows my friend Stephen Herndon and Bubba (Andy) Sparxxx. It is Truly a small world.
12. “Bialystock & Bloom” is totally stuck in my head.
13. JM and I racked up 3000 points at Dave & Buster’s in about 30 minutes. I think it was a new record for us. Thank you Wheel of Fortune.
14. “You’re an idiot. Goodbye.”
15. “The Estreets”
16. The window in St. John the Divine has a 40 foot circumference. Does anyone realize that is nearly six times my size? And I was very interested to learn that the Statue of Liberty could fit inside that church.

I will post a few pictures very soon!

Today, unfortunately, it’s back to the real world. I really had a blast this week, and can’t wait to visit again. I love having a brother in the city, and although I missed my friend Jenn b/c my phones were dead, I will visit her again soon!

Still have some family drama. At this point… it’s all really funny.

I have not finished my Brennan Manning book… but I have learned so much about trust and about the Lord. I’ll share all of that later.

I’m pumped about Taylor Hicks winning American Idol. Here are a few comments that were emailed back and forth with a few friends:

1. Taylor knew he was getting 'excited' which is why he almost ran away from Toni B.
2. I thought she was lip-syncing or the guy controlling her microphone was messing with her. Apparently she missed the sound check.
3. I don't like Ms. McPhee. She's a camera-hog, and she so had a wardrobe malfunction a few weeks ago with yellow dress. We (America) almost saw more than sunshine on TV from the angle the cameraman was using.
4. Don't make fun of Elliot's mama.
5. The lead singer of LIVE should NEVER EVER EVER sing falsetto. He stunk.
6. Ace needs a haircut.
7. The "Puck & Pickler" moments were cheesy except for her screaming like a little girl over that lobster.
8. My all-time favorite moment of last night was when Clay Aiken came out and that other guy freaked. I seriously wet my pants.
9. Ryan Seacrest cut his hand in rehearsal yesterday. I would gladly band-aid him up even though he's only 5 feet tall. :)
10. Prince was the best surprise. I think he did a good job. And were the back-up dancers twins??
11. I'm so glad Taylor won. I think he knew he was a shoe-in.
12. Speaking from experience, Mandisa needs to stick to skirts. Those black pants didn't do anything good for her.
13. More votes that any presidential election... WOW.
14. I thought Dionne was dead. I thought she died before she finished all those Psychic Network commercials. I was very surprised to see her.
15. The Montage for Simon's introduction... was awesome. The Ego Has Landed.
16. Elliot should not attempt vocal runs while Mary J. was singing. He should just smile at her, and mouth the words.
17. Meatloaf... does he have some sort of sickness?? I love Meatloaf, but he scared me when he opened his mouth. I was very impressed that he was trying to get into the song though.

1) meatloaf needed either a drink or some ritalin- but God love him
2) clay's look was awesome. i love the dark hair and the length
3) chris rocked the house last night.. i wasn't always a fan of his, but i think vocally, he is getting better and his confidence makes him awesome
4) toni braxton was trying to get taylor a stiffie
5) prince is really a woman with a deep voice... is he/she/the symbol married to one, both, or neither of those back up singer/dancers?
6) mary j was the bomb and elliott was just too sweet singing with him... does his mom remind anyone else of paula o'brien or is it just me?
7) cat was good to me, but i'm SO SO glad taylor won... first, because he is rep-uh-zentin' alabama, secondly, because i could watch him perform all day... and, he is a cutie to me, albeit he favors jay leno...

#1….Meatloaf was amazing…
#2….Love..Love..Love Clay..I almost had a heart attack when he came on stage.
#3….Dionne needs to go home.
#4….Prince was not good.
#5….Have no idea what Toni Braxton was doing.
#6….Mary J was awesome..Although, I think she may have scared Elliott a little..
#7….by the way, Cat is amazing…I love her…”some where over the rainbow…..”

soul patrol!!!!

prince was absolutely postively AMAZING!!

dionne warwick was great, but mandisa kicked all their butts, even mcphee's.

paris will go far, but she needed some robitussin last night...

they could have left the kelly pickler/wolfgang puck bit OUT...it was not funny.

i was VERY impressed w/ all the idols' group performances...the celebrity guest singers.......first of all, toni braxton couldn't be understood; cat sang w/ howard r from tech support which was very sweet of him to do; mary j was the best outta all of 'em...that's my girl.

i am now in love w/ clay aiken ...was so sexy to me last night....i almost slipped off my leather couch. casi, sorry hon, but who is ryan reynolds?
Anyway… that’s my weekend in a nutshell! Hope all is well!!!

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