Saturday, May 27, 2006


Why I love being in New York:

1. Crazy homeless people who carry on conversations with themselves about the injustice of metrocards, their program, and having sex with multiple people, Iesha. Poor Iesha, I bet she doesn't know what she's getting herself into.
2. Not crying on the airplane for the first time. God is good.
3. Wondering how any pilot, flight attendant, astronomer, or astrophysicist couldn't believe in God after seeing the heavens the way they do.
4. Seeing the city from a double-decker. It's way under-rated and well worth the money.
5. Getting to see the city for myself.
6. Catching New Yorkers hear my accent and promptly asking where I'm from. I just love to say the words "Thanks" to throw them off.
7. The kindness of strangers in the city. Even with cellphones. Happy Birthday Amy at Cafe Luxembourg.
8. Broadway shows. They rock.
9. Having a brother who lives in town so I don't have to pay for a hotel.

Got to LaGuardia Friday morning at 9:00. I really am so thankful for my flight. I really hate to fly, and have cried the last two times. I just spent time praying and being thankful for seeing the sky and the heavens, and sang p&w songs really softly. The girl beside me was named Gilda, she was from Norway, had been in Costa Rica, but the city was her pitstop. JM and I actually ran into her Saturday in the Village. The statistics of me seeing anyone I know are like a million to one, but we fully saw her, and we swapped introductions. Back to Friday -- there was a fog bank, so we had to circle for a while. My right ear got incredibly stopped up, but I enjoyed the flight. JM met me at the airport, and went to his office to drop off my bags. Then... I had the day to myself. Headed to Rockefellar, and then bought some new kicks. FYI -- wear good shoes and socks the first time you come in the city. People average 3000 steps a day, and you will bypass that in an hour. Don't make my mistake! Basically, I just hung around, and walked until JM got off. We came to his apartment to drop off bags, then went to see Hairspray. That is a great show!!! "Good Morning Baltimore!!" Definitely a must see. Took a cab and headed to JM's apartment.

Saturday morning...

Well... I've gotta go.

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