Friday, February 1, 2008

Lent... **Updated**

It's that time again! I thought I'd be ahead of my game and go find where I blogged about Lent Last year. In looking for it, I started to reread several posts, and actually got encouraged! Turns out, I'm not half as foolish as I think I am.

Before I mention anything about Lent, I wanted to mention my post from the other day. I received several emails and a few phone calls in relation to my post. Some asking why I was angry, others wondering if I needed to join Britney in the psych unit, and on and on. If you were upset/confused by my entry and failed to contact me, take the time. Email me -

Back to Lent... Lent begins on Wednesday, February 6th, also known as Ash Wednesday. Lent is the symbolic representation of the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert. It is often a time for believers to consecrate, pray, fast, or practice self-denial in observance of what Jesus did.

This is the third or fourth year that I have truly observed Lent. Last year -- was awesome. I cannot believe what all the Lord did for me (I'm sure you read my blog and wonder if I pray sometimes!), but rest assured that God moved mightily in 2007! I am so thankful for the blessings that God has poured out for me!!

With that said, I will be attending an Ash service on Wednesday night, and will be observing Lent again this year. I challenge you to participate -- either by giving something up or adding something that adds value. I have contemplated giving up blogging, but am still kind of on the fence about that. I know several people are giving up myspace, facebook, and other online interactions for 40 days. If you know someone who is, take the time to snail mail them a card to encourage them! Be praying for them as well. Others will give up food, or some food products -- chocolate, coke, sweets -- in observance. Having given up food in a Lent, it's harder than it appears. If you know someone who is making that kind of sacrifice, lift them up! And don't have a bunch of junk food laying around!!!

Last but not least, make a list of expectations! A friend and I did this last year, then sealed it in an envelope. Make your requests known to the Lord! Have the expectations in your heart that God wants to move in your life... in every aspect of it!

If you are observing Lent, LEAVE ME A COMMENT. Please don't tell me what you're doing, but know that I would like to add you to the list of 'Lenters' that I'm praying for!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of adding something at Lent rather than taking something away. For the past several years, I have found that positively adding something to my life rather than denying myself something has brought me closer to God. For example - adding additional Bible study time instead of watching TV (that's actually an add and a substration) or writing cards to encourage others.

Deb H

Jenn said...


I updated the blog just for that... I always think in terms of taking away, but I do love adding something!!! Thanks for reminding me!!!