Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just read Brian Hunter's blog, and wanted to link it and share his thoughts:

  • Sometimes when your dream seems furthest away, it is actually the closest it has ever been to coming true. Often the tainted dream must get deconstructed before the pure dream can be constructed.
  • I love God more now than ever despite knowing less about why he does what he does.
    I am no longer afraid of my own heart, and I am learning to live and lead from it.
  • I can't afford to be like someone else or copy someone else's ministry, I must be authentically me even when I am unsure where that will lead or what implications that will pose for the future. Insecurity is my greatest enemy.
  • Trusting God is the only way to find joy in any moment...not just the tough ones.
  • Before I speak, I must hear Him speak otherwise what is the point of me talking...
  • There will always be a tension between the value and necessity of living in and seizing the moment and planning for the tomorrow God has promised. Today is connected to Tomorrow, but we have to attempt to enjoy the now even when it is seems so disconnected from what is to come. Life is integrated not compartmentalized.
  • Only when you stop caring about being successful are you really prepared to become successful. I just want to live a life of honor and bring God glory no matter what that looks like. My preconceived ideas and presuppositions of what that should look like have been eradicated by the pain.
  • God is the beginning and the end...not the promise, not the outcome, not the ________. God, just God - and wow what an ending it is!

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Broken Shadows said...

I found the picture of photo bucket I thought it was the perfect touch. And Despair.com I love that website I need to order me a few things :-)

P.S. I would have to say my favorite on on there to date is the one that states

At some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser.

I totally laughed all night on that one. I've got to get that one for sure.

P.S. I noticed I got a comment WOOT!