Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vapid Zest & Gusto

**Don't judge me. I have very deep things going on in my life and the lives of my friends, but I needed a lighthearted post.**

One of the more random things about me that folks don't know about me is my obsession with the Mickey Mouse Club. I am also refusing to link to anything at this point because there are too many to list. I was watching TV today, and saw that JC Chasez was one of the judges for America's Best Dance Crew, which, after having seen Step Up 2: Takin' it to the Streets, makes me want to sign up for a hip-hop dance class ASAP. I LOVE JC. I always have. Even with N'Sync, I wasn't a huge Justin fan because of my mad love for JC. I digress. So, tonight I have some time to piddle online, and was looking up stuff about JC, and MMC, and ran across info on Matt Morris (he's the son of country singer Gary Morris) and LAWDY is that man talented!!! And then I found out that:

Matt Twitters.

Be still my Twitterin' Heart.

Y'all know I'm following him, don't ya'? And wouldn't you know that that man blawgs too!

I feel a faint spell. WHheeewh!

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Mommy Dot Com said...

Ok, I know the "He's Still working on Me..." song. Sing it with the kids almost everyday. Well, at least a lot of days. There are a lot of songs to sing so we fit it in when we can. They love it thougha nd so do I.
Now let's move onto Starbucks. I can't believe you live so close by! Hilarious!!! One day I am sure we'll run into each other and you know what? We'll have a lot to talk about. Much more so then the two men sitting across from Beth. We'll talk, then we'll blog about what we said b/c that's what women do!