Monday, February 4, 2008

My weekend

**I know all my friends who have Mac's are going to momentarily stop breathing while reading this so... get a grip!

Friday night was "Friends dinner". We've had this a couple of times already, and it's been a lot of fun! Friday night - Logan's.

Saturday morning, I cleaned for about five hours. I had three big black garbage bags full of trash, and one big black bag full of clothes.

This weekend, I purchased a new computer. I have been without a personal computer for FOUR MONTHS which is entirely too long in everyway that you think about it. I've been "shopping" since the end of November, and have carefully priced computers, based on what I was told that I need and the budget that I had to stay within. But Saturday, I had just had enough! I really wanted to go to Atlanta (can we say 6% sales tax verses 9.25% in Tenn?), but I didn't want to make the drive alone. In all my shopping, I determined that my needs were lots of storage space (for pictures), and that I really really am not a huge fan of laptops. I don't do anything that requires me to carry my laptop at all times. I use a friendly mail system that is not blocked when most are. So... I purchased this beauty:

In computer lingo that I still don't fully understand (taxes, I get, MB and GB, I've got no clue!), my new "toy" is a HP Pavillion 5600+ Desktop, 3GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM with a 500GB Serial ATA hard drive.

So, all you techies should be proud that I purchased the top of the line. God willing, I will not have to make another computer purchase until... shortly before the return of Jesus. Thankyouverymuch.

I did have a mix-up to tell of... Saturday, when I bought the thing, I was thinking, I have a monitor at home! I don't need to spend the extra money on something I already have, right??? WRONG. My monitor at home was a 12-year old, 13 inch, analog monitor. When I plugged the new comp up, I had a screen font size of 3. I got a headache just trying to turn it off! On Sunday, I went back to Best Buy and they let me upgrad without bringing my purchase in. Thank you Management!

Saturday night, I decided to pull out my inner Julia Child and cook. (SEE... I AM domesticated!!) I made this and this. This sandwich looked scrumptous from my monitor at work, but I'm not a huge fan of worcestershire sauce. Especially not 1 cup worth for just one or two cube steaks. I do believe it would be absolutely wonderful if you substitued worcestershire for some form of brown gravy -- which I will be doing tonight. These on the other hand... YUMMY. I do suggest that you make two "logs" intead of once, unless you want cookies the size of your hand. I mean, it's oatmeal for cryin' out.

Sunday, (again in Julia mode), I made this, which was a huge crowd pleaser at the SuperBowl party I attended, of which, 20 people sat at watched the game on a 50" tv, while a big group of eight or so women sat in the kitchen and talked about chick stuff. It was mah-velous. Oh yeah, GO ELI!!!!


Broken Shadows said...

Wow. . . a 12 year old monitor that is almost shocking to say the least. People really keep electronics that long? You know honestly Jenn that might have almost been the first IBM CRT in computer history. HA HA HA!!

Ok Ok....
Sounds like you got a nice PC, congratulations. This isn't one MAC person who's going to knock you on your choice. If I can be of any help let me know VIsta can be a haggle sometimes that makes you want to scream.


Jenn said...

12-years old... My parents owned a TI, which I believe was the second oldest comp, after the Comm 64. Ha ha. But my monitor is running a close third!

I may hit you up with a Vista question or two... for sure! Thanks!

Josh Lane said...

Ok, so I'm not going to rag you...but that does explain why you were hesitant to respond to my direct message on twitter. However, I'm very proud of seems as though any upgrade from your previous device is going to be a HUGE improvement and step in the right direction. And if (let me strongly emphasize the word if) I absolutely had to buy a PC, then an HP is definitely the way that I would go (it's what I had before i got delivered...I mean before I got my MAC). Congratulations my friend and enjoy your new purchase.