Monday, February 25, 2008

Various and unsundries... Part Seis

  • it's been a week since I caught the bouquet. Should suitors not be lining up outside my door by now? Let's get to gettin'. GAAH.
  • we really need to be praying for our country and the recession talk.
  • we celebrated my big boss' birthday today (he'll be 63 tomorrow)
  • the card asked that we all get tomorrow off. :)
  • I bought a top for Mexico -- Ole!
  • yesterday at church, they broke a 30-hour famine.
  • i'm still reading compassion blogs... and crying. sheesh.
  • i'm trying to process a friend's pain... and don't know what to say. and i hate that i feel this way.
  • P.S.... I had a hunch, and I was right! AHA!!!

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