Thursday, February 28, 2008

voicemails and banned websites

I was finally able to listen to my voicemail this morning, and two DEAR FRIENDS left very funny voicemails, one pretending to be a missing persons officer, and the other as a college rep looking to contact me.


The funnier part (to me) is that, both of these peeps said they had been trying to reach me for the last "three to four days", and yet, I had NARY a phone call, email, or text until last night.

Very thorough... aren't they?

On the flipside, it made me morning. :)


Last week (or maybe two weeks ago, I don't remember) Gmail got banned at work. Today, Twitter took a blow, so I'll be taking down my twitter when I get home.

Y'all just pray that blogger doesn't bite the dust.


Please pray today, I am a little upset with my roommate. We have a situation.


While you're throwing up prayers, pray for New Guy. (I know, I look like a big giant hypocrite, don't I?) There is some drama that has me worried for him.


I hit the biggest weight I've ever been this morning, and my heart is sick. I've got to do something.

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