Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clearly NASCAR should call and get my info.

This week, we're getting involved with some UW opportunities that I blogged about the other day. This morning, a group of ladies piled in my car (loaded with food plates from our local Meals on Wheels) and we headed off to deliver.

I can say that I would do this everyday if I could. It was that touching of an experience.

But I will tell you that, at our last house, we took a weeks' worth of meals to a couple and stayed to chat with them a little bit.

The gentleman had had a hip replacement surgery several months before, but in combination with diabetes and high blood pressure still slept on a hospital bed in the living room. When we walked in, we all immediately noticed that he was in his underwear.

So we said nothing.

Until his wife asked him to show us his "Shingles".

yeahhhh... We managed to get out "unscathed" (I crack me up!), but then I managed to somehow drive over a cinder block.

Low-riding Lincoln + cinder block = appears that I may be doing driveway demolition.

The lady came running out, to ask if I was okay, (and to check that her home was still intact, I'm sure). Of course, only the cinder block was damaged. Oh, and my pride.

If NASCAR doesn't pick me up, then surely Extreme Makeover: Home Edition could use me as a subcontractor.


The Miles Family said...


I actually spit out my lunch on the computer screen!


Bitsy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ~ that's not all you were going to see!!!!! That is a hoot.

Miranda said...

Let me just tell you...if you were a NASCAR driver i would be your biggest fan EVA'! And i would be able to tell everyone your family history :)

Aims said...

You can see some pretty interesting things when you go to other people's homes. When I went to Lee, my sorority went to the Towers to visit the elderly ladies and have a Bible study. One night a woman asked for prayer because she put deodorant under her... um.... woman parts and it blistered. It wasn't funny, but it was because I thought, "Who would put deodorant there?" Oh the things you will see and/or hear:-)