Sunday, August 17, 2008

on blogging.

  1. We get disappointed when there aren't any comments.
  2. Overwhelmed when there are too many comments to respond to.
  3. We want to hide when comments are hurtful...
  4. even to the point that we change blogs (I have 7 folks, I am preaching to me)
  5. But real bloggers knows that comment(ary) is becoming a dialect of the words of affirmation love language.

I would love to hear your thoughts about bloggers, unless they're #3, in which I'll need to #4. But if you comment, and then encourage a friend to comment, then #5. Unless you tell your entire church to comment, then I'll be #2.



Broken Shadows said...

I was so lost at first that it took me a moment to pull it all in.

I like to believe I can write better then to express my real feelings thru the mouth. Sometimes my words can become a little to surreal for others and even myself so the freedom to express thru BLOGS are much better for me. I enjoy the freedom of blogging and the freedom of expression it gives me.

And a little truth never hurt anyone unless they were the slug and you were the salt.?.?

Josh Lane said...

good stuff as usual made me start this day off w/ a smile :-)

The Miles Family said...

I'm commenting. :)

Saw you at church yesterday. :)

Maybe I'll come back and leave a "better" comment after I've had my 3rd cup of coffee!! :)

Warrior Priestess said...

Nice post. I tell stories better verbally than I do when I type. I like your blog name. It's not boring but it's not stupid. So it's just right....for you!