Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend: the hodge-podge version

Saturday morning, I helped a church with their "Back to Books" event. Nearly 1600 kids received a book bag (that they picked out), and were able to fill them with school supplies. All in just over two hours.

Then I went home after that and attended the bowling birthday party for one of my favorite five-year olds.

Then I watched one of my roomies nail another room in the neck with an ice cream sandwich. (Hilarious!)

Yesterday, I attended the remembrance service of a 15-week old who passed away Thursday.

Then I came into work for five hours.

Then I ran errands.

Then I got home at 11:30.

Then I talked to my friends who have stayed with me all last week and are moving to Knoxville (officially) today.

And we all got in the bed (separate ones of course!) after 12:30 last night.

Then another friend calls me and asks me to buy her a pregnancy test today because she thinks she may be "with child". (And now I get to make up this great story about why I'm buying a pregnancy test! You can imagine how exciting my Monday is going to be!!)

(And no, my blog will not be turning into one of those blogs... fear not.)

And now, I'm at work. And it's Monday. And I have a crazy busy week!!!! Wow!!!!


Broken Shadows said...

If only I could be in the store at the same time you were picking up and buying the "EPT" just so I could hear the great excuse on why it's in your hands.

Maybe that is somewhere along the same lines as being in a restaurant sipping on a non-alcohol pina colada when the church preacher and his wife come walking up to your table to say hello?

Just a Thought....

Broken Shadows said...

I am totally ripping off the human calendar.