Monday, August 25, 2008

I highly recommend the puppet show.

This weekend was my annual girls retreat. Although there is still some debate as to whether this was the third or fourth retreat... it was definitely a treat nonetheless.

It all started by accident a few years ago, just a bunch of college friends getting together. Our first year, we caught up and rehashed some very funny memories, but the last two years, we've really been able to have a fun retreat! (Next year, we may need a spiritual retreat though. LOL!)

Somehighlights of the weekend including:

1. My name is German. Yes?
2. The "Creekside Puppet sHOw"
3. Rythmic gymnastics
4. Tiger Woods
5. "I pledge allegiance to the flag"
6. Fireho Golf
7. "HOly, HOly, HOly"
8. Photobooth

Here are a few pictures too!!

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Broken Shadows said...

So I was just wondering? Can I get a copy of that picture up above. I mean it's not imperative or anything.... But I was going to put it on my desk since you know I collect that patriotic stuff since the FLAG really does pop with those good looking props in the background.