Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Ink, or not.

My mom HATES tattoos. I was going to get one my second semester at Lee, and called her from the tattoo shop. Her exact response was:

"Jennifer Leigh, you have exactly five seconds to get out of that chair and forget about the idea of a tattoo or I will cut you off financially."

So, I got down, because I was broke and scared of my mom. (There was an incident in high school where I lied to her and she slammed me up against a wall.) P.S.... my mom is not violent normally. :) Anywhoo... my desire for a tattoo has never wavered, but my fear and respect for my Mom is the thing that prevails. She would get over it I'm sure, but she would be SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed in me. And the the last thing I would want to do it hurt her intentionally.

This weekend in Gatlinburg, I got a Henna tattoo. With my friends standing around me, I called my mom on speakerphone. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Mom, I got a tattoo.
Mom: (Stern tone) What?
Me: I got a tattoo.
Me: Mom, are you still there? I'm just kidding. I got a Henna tattoo... it'll wash off in a few weeks.
Mom: I don't care what your little twinkie friends do to their bodies, but the well will run dry, Sister. Do you understand me?


Maybe I'll get a tattoo when I'm married.


Clay at put up a post on Monday about tattoos. The comments he's received have been hilarious!!

What are your thoughts on tattoos??

** To clear up any confusion, my mother does not financially support me in any way, shape, or fashion.**


Miranda said...

I was pretty hardcore when i was younger about getting tatoos. My thinking then was one 1. my parents would kill me 2. i could imagine liking something so much that i wanted it on my body forever and 3. Trying to find a place where it wouldnt stretch or wrinkle with age. But as I have gotten older and I think for myself more and not rely so much on my parents I'm more relaxed. I waited until i was older (24) and i waited until i did find something I wanted on my body forever. So back to my reasons...1 I am not mommy and dadday little girl anymore and i am not financially dependant on them (just emotionally :))so i can do what a want...and when i told them it really wasnt that big of a deal and they like it. 2. I love Jesus and my tatoo is a symbol of his love for me, which is forever and unchanging. 3 As far as i know feet dont get strech marks..

I personally think your an adult and i know you love your momma but you you can make your own life/body descions.

And just for the record..i love men with tats!!!

Aims said...

My parents aren't big on tattoos and my grandma is a preacher, so I was always scared to get one but I wanted one, so while I was at Lee (Lee causes rebellion, I tell ya!) I got one. When my mom came to visit a couple of months later, I told/showed her my tattoo. She wasn't too keen on it at first, but then she said it was "cute." I never told my grandma about it and then one Christmas, we were all on the floor goofing around and my shirt came up a little bit (my tat is on my hip). My mom said "Aimee, show your grandma your tattoo." I reluctantly showed her and she said it was "cute." I was shocked. So luckily my parents/family aren't too strict on tattoos. You just have to make sure you get one that means something and it is something you really want.

Bitsy said...

Okay, here's the old fart chiming in! NO on the tatoo!!!! I could go on, but I won't. And the old fart also appreciates your love and respect for your mom.

Love ya, Bits

The Miles Family said...

I want a tatoo as well. :) Let me know if you cave in... I might just go with you!