Sunday, August 17, 2008


This weekend I took some time away to refocus and gain some much needed and overdue perspective. (I have a busy next four months coming up, and know that I won't have an opportunity like this again until early spring!)

I feel like I've been exceptionally critical lately... of a lot of things, and that can only be an indicator of things internal being off. (Translation -- I'm unhappy with me over one thing or another but instead of dealing with that, take it out being overly critical of things I have NO BUSINESS being overly critical about.)

Then in church today, our pastor preached on champions, but made this one statement:

"It's not the zeal of your start, but the fight of your finish that people remember."

And that one sentence help put my weekend in perspective. I have been known to bring ideas to the table, and a certain zeal to the table, but forget the follow through. I mean, I do follow through with things, but othe things that need my focus,... I don't like I can and should.

  • a healthy lifestyle INCLUDING exercise
  • bible time/prayer time
  • a lot of other personal things that don't belong on a blog. :)

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Jess said...

WOW! Loved this...I just found your blog, through some random chain of other blogs I read. This is awesome!
Can't wait to read more!