Friday, September 14, 2007

"What's going on... "

Lately? SNOT. That's right... Snot-a-palooza 2007 has been in full force. To quote my ENT, the bulk of my illness is due to lack of rain washing away pollen/dirt/etc. Well, I understand it not being washed away, but taking up residence in my nasal cavity is really the last place I was hoping for.

Oh well.

The barking, er, coughing, is subsiding, and I sound less like Darth Vadar and more like a slight congestion. Praise the Lord and pass the Tylenol Sinus/Cold Daytime (Non-drowsy). I've been downing that stuff like candy.

So, I do apologize to those of you who have emailed or called, (or been so completely consumed with your life that you've done nothing), that I haven't emailed or responded lately, but this crud in my head and chest has sort of knocked me down.

I've sort of been running at 200 miles an hour, and it's worn my immune system down, so while the lack-o-rain is part of it, I am solely responsible for the other half.

Thank you all for your patience as the blog was down for a bit. Soon enough you will understand why.

This week has been eventful and exhausting. There's been an anniversary, the shedding of tears, removal of lots of unwelcome green and yellow stuff, and of course, drugs. And Thank God it's Friday. Stand up and shout, Saints.

I missed bible study last night to prevent my DFBC Sisters/Siestas from catching what I've got. -- I'm looking out for y'all. And... my homework wasn't done. But that was an afterthought, I promise! :P

I have lots of thoughts to share, but frankly, my mental organization has taken a backseat this week from my meds. Y'all would have hee-hawed at some of the goofy things I've said. Funny... funny.

I'll try to post a big blog-o-thoughts soon, but I wanted to share what's been happening as of late.

And I'm sad there have been no comments. So, please comment. I beg you.

Much love...

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Jenn said...

hope you're feeling better! its raining here in brooklyn today!