Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Various and unsundries... Part Quatro

(I love that my computer has auto-text memory and that I don't have to look back to to see what # V&S this post it.)

  • CSI:Miami Season 6 premiered last night to squeals and cheers at my house. It was all me, but I'm totally secure and okay with that.
  • It appears that Horatio has a sixteen-year old son... very interesting twist!
  • How I met your Mother included the phrase "Tramp Stamp", also referring to it as the equivalent of a Panama City License plate.
  • I think I actually hooted when I heard that.
  • I wish it were not 90 degrees in September.
  • But, at least it's beautiful outside, even if I do sweat a little bit.
  • Biggest Loser is on TV tonight... set your DVR's or TiVo's :)
  • I think I'm going to need an intervention to break free of my love for all things Dr. Pepper. I've been guzzling those things down like crazy lately.
  • But... I am not eating out for lunch anymore, and have saved $85.00 in a week.
  • That is a lot of money!!!
  • Plus, I'm integrating portion-control AND weight watchers.
  • And my Lactose pill is definitely helping my digestion.
  • None of you really cared or needed to know that last thing, huh?
  • My aunt informed me that she TOO knew about my intolerance.
  • :(
  • I've got to get a hair cut... SOON.
  • My hair looks Ratty!
  • I'm going to an 80's birthday party next weekend.
  • I think I have found a set of "fake" braces that will go fabulously with my faux-permed hair, blue eyeshadow, ankle warmers, and big bangs.
  • Or, I may go as 80's punk. I'm torn.
  • We have a baby shower at work tomorrow.
  • I'm very excited.
  • I went to a 1st birthday party this weekend and acted as Olan Mills taking pictures like crazy.
  • But some of the pictures came out ridiculously cute!!!!! (See below)

Okay... I'm outtie.

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