Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reason #4,752 why I love Beth Moore

I don't blogroll like some others do because I'm not that savvy... (J & C) ((I just realized those are my initials... ha ha), but I do take great pride in reading through my blog list.

I love Beth Moore. If I haven't reiterated that lately, let me do so now. BETH MOORE IS TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

And, (as though she needed an added bonus), she knows how to share a word too.

Go read God for Real Life, and shout while you're putting out the trash. Or taking out your contacts. Or working. Or Living.


Jenn said...

Thanks for the link. I read it and was like WOAH! I love Beth Moore. I need to do one of her Bible studies again.

Holly said...

Hey Jenn,
Have you read the new Mother Theresa book yet? It's is "Come Be My Light" and is all her personal letters that talk of her struggle with her faith and questions she had in her life. It's an awesome read....making my way through it now.

Jenn said...

I haven't, but I will order it!!! Thanks!!

Holly said...

It just makes me feel like I am a *normal" Christian to see this woman that so many love and revere as Saintly express her own deep struggles with faith. Makes me almost feel okay about the ups and downs of my own walk of faith if this "called" woman had to walk that line too as times. I don't know....does that makes any sense?

Jenn said...

very much so... I was thinking the same thing, I just didn't articulate it so well!!