Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Word...

(for my NEVER-TO-BE-NAMED PUBLICLY-FRIEND, you know who you are, ... I seriously miss seeing you on Thursday nights.)

Last night was the official last night of our bible study with Priscilla Schirer. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this study. I've had to miss two weeks, which distresses me a little since it was only a six week study, but the four I've gotten -- GOOD WORDS, y'all. Last night, we wound up having an extended prayer requests time that, as our faithful facilitator said, we needed. And then after that, and after going over homework (which was great too), we jumped head first into the DVD. And something Priscilla mentioned just tore me up. She talked about putting God in a box, and while I admit that all I really caught was the mention, right there, in the middle of the youth room, God got me about something.

How many Potential Husbands have I put before God in boxes, and then gotten frustrated when God didn't answer?


I actually teared up but I don't think anyone saw me. And then she talked about pride. That's right... stomped right on the already bruised toes. Right there in the middle of the Baptist Church.

Y'all know that gets us pentacostals, dontcha?!?!?

I actually wrote down a lot of things last night, including her actual topic and her scripture reference of II Kings 5, talking about Namaan, his leprosy, his pride and arrogance that the Prophet didn't come in the pomp and circumstance that he expected, and the blessing/healing that he almost missed out on. Namaan thought. I can't name the times that my downfall has been my thinking. We've got to do. I've got to do. Go!

And then on the ride home, I got busted about some more stuff that, right now, is too personal to share. But,... it was good too. None of us like disciple, including me, but I love that God's discipline, although difficult to take at times, comes with rewards that exceed what we can get. I need God to disciple, shape, mold, re-shape, break, re-mold, and constantly correct what my humanity is trying to fight. We all do.

And really, as I write this, I know in my heart that I had so much more to share, but because I don't have a little stenographer at my whimsy, y'all are stuck with that I can remember.

Last but not least, I broke out my Aaron Jeffreys CD and "He Is" and shouted all the way home. Good stuff.

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Your never to be named publicly friend thinks you are very funny!