Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm quitting my day job to be the weather girl

There is a part of me that is slightly jealous that meteorologists only have to be right ONE out of THREE DAYS. That's right... with those odds -- 33% -- You Too! can predict the weather!!! Roll Credits!!! News at Five!! It's Easter! It's 70 Degrees today! Tomorrow -- SNOW!! The next day -- 95!


Who can dress with this mess?


Speaking of dressing, last October, I finally unloaded all of the items I've so carefully put into a storage unit. Some took up residence in the local landfill. I had a lot of furniture that I had tried desperately to sell, and in the midst of our unloading, the Lord sent someone by who had lost everything in a fire. He even had a truck! The rest of the stuff went home with my mom to be stored until I get married.

That's right... I'm getting married. I just don't know when. :)

Included in all that hullabaloo were my spring/summer clothes. My mom, the wonderful, kind woman that she is, was able to bring them to me today! We also got to have lunch and do a little shopping!! Or alot!! Either way, we had a blast!!

I count it a privilege to get to spoil my Mom when I can. It's because of her that I have a really hard time receiving gifts. (Sorry,... but that's definitely NOT my love language.) She's such a giver, so I can't really express how much fun I had giving back to her. Ironically enough, she kept telling me she'd put $$ in my account. Silly woman.

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Holly said...

Your Mom is funny. If she wants to put money in your account, let her!! My mom offered to buy my Easter outfit this year and I let her... I normally don't, but I don't want to rob her of her blessing, right??