Monday, March 24, 2008

The MUCH-anticipated return

Y'all know what today is, right? Well, amidst being the wedding anniversary for two friends (that's right, I went to TWO WEDDINGS in one day), Really Wow! and Join Left (they're married to each other!) and Roselyn and Roy, today is the long awaited, much anticipated, highly celebrated (by Me! of Course!) return of...
you guessed it...

CSI: Miami.
My friend A. is in town, and I'm supposed to hang out with A. and M., but I really just want to celebrate at home with a big glass of sweet tea and some snacks while I wait for a new cheesy-oneliner opener for the show. 'Cause who doesn't love when David/Horatio pulls those glasses on or off delivering the state of Miami? **Squeal** Be still my redhead-lovin' heart!!
I even have sunglasses to "play along".
Y'all pray for me please? This could be a disease.

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Karen said...

We missed you last night!!