Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TV... getting away from reality

I try not to blog about television too much, simply because I feel like I'm being judged. But I'm human, and I watch TV. I've become a bit of a CBS junkie, with my madlove for all things David Caruso. Beyond CSI: Miami, I love CSI: NY, Big Bang Theory (although I vehemently do not believe in the big bang theory for clarification!), Criminal Minds, How I met Your Mother,NCIS, Ghost Whisperer, and Numb3rs.

Clearly all of these tv shows rob me of precious time and rationale. I mean, seriously... Ghost Whisperer? I hate anything suspenseful and the thought of seeing a ghost or corpse...eww. I can't deal. I shudder when I see really gross things.

Oh, and then there's my all-time Favorite -- The Biggest Loser. One of only two or three shows where people actually make their lives better. Oh, and while I'm throwing shout-outs, my love for Dancing With The Stars, All things Law & Order (including SVU & CI), and So You Think You Can Dance.

I have weaknesses, people.

With that said, I was very sad to discover that news reports that David Caruso is acting like a DIVA were on MSNBC. Because I HEART DAVID CARUSO. I care nary that there is a 23-year age difference. I love redheads. I love that his character is so ridiculously over the top. I have seen the David Caruso One-Liners video on YouTube so many times I have it memorized.

I do hope that none of you are offended. I need an vacation from real life sometimes!


Amber said...

I watch survivor, and this weekend I watched a couple episodes of Real Housewives of New York City. Very interesting, let me tell you. :)

Sara said...

First of all Jenn, please do not believe everything that you read. What you have read about David Caruso IS NOT TRUE at all.

It is another rumor planted by his indicted Austrian stalker. The woman, whose real name is Gabriele Huber, was indicted last summer after she threatened to murder David Caruso and his companion, Liza Marquez. The FBI assisted Austrian law enforcement in bringing her to justice.

She has been denied entry into the US. She wages an Internet hate campaign against David Caruso 24/7 and part of that involves planting rumors, fabrications and inuendo on every site possible.

David Caruso, by the admission of many of his cast members, is a pleasure to work with and a gentleman. His stalker is trying to make you and others believe that he is otherwise.


Vixen said...

Yes, sadly Caruso is really behaving like a diva. A class A jerk.