Tuesday, May 27, 2008

breath, stretch, shake

  • I have one of the funniest and kindest friends ever. Her name is Elizabeth. She rocks.
  • I still cannot breathe. Please Oak, Hickory, Pecan, and Magnolia trees Go Away.
  • I chillaxed this weekend.
  • Without shame.
  • Today is 200 days and counting. Change is being made. It feels so good!
  • I had another case of pink eye last week, and thinking it was over, put my contacts in (and make-up on) last night. Because I didn't use all my brain cells, I forgot to throw away my mascara, and woke up a little puffy-eyed and itchy this morning. Note to self: Mascara is evil. Germ stick.
  • A friend of mine is working to get BACKSTAGE PASSES TO NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK.
  • I'm slightly excited.
  • Sike... I totally squealed. Hilarious.
  • I finished season 2 of Criminal Minds. Note to self: Do not watch entire season of shows about serial killers late on Friday night alone. Insomnia is NOT your friend.
  • I managed to go to bed at 6:30AM Saturday morning. Fortunately, my mom woke me up around noon so I wouldn't completely destroy my sleep pattern.
  • I moped around a little bit yesterday as it was the first Memorial Day not in NYC in three years. But I am still thankful for the sacrifice our Navy service men and women do, even if I could not hug a Single/Available Sailor in person.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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Broken Shadows said...

I did I was up there around your place. Ya'll had a cool little fair thing going on did you go? Or do you tend to void those neck breakers on wheels.