Monday, May 19, 2008

Just how bad is it when you think a heavy metal drummer is in your head?

This morning I woke up a little disoriented and jumped in the shower. In order to wash all of my hair (and get it squeaky clean) I usually lean my head forward to make sure I get every bit washed thoroughly. But this morning, when I leaned forward, I thought my head was going to pop off. After a few seconds of trying to get the throbbing to slow down (I obviously would have loved for it to completely subside but compromised), I tried to finish my shower without collapsing or passing out.

That’s when I realized what was happening.

I tried not to giggle because it only made the pounding worse. :)

You know it’s a bad sign when you’ve gained the wisdom to “self-diagnose”.

Last night, we celebrated my friend K.’s birthday at a place in Chatty called Ghenghis Grill. I had never been there, and really wasn’t super impressed with the food, but we let the birthday girl pick and go regardless. I felt a little weird yesterday anyway (whatever is pollinating is apparently on SuperHigh as I couldn’t breath), but tried to shrug it off.

But this morning, as I laid back down on the bed and counted my heartbeat in my ears, I realized what was happening.

My blood pressure was through the roof.

Ghenghis Grill is a Mongolian stir fry restaurant where you kind of make your own dinner. Somewhere between the seasonings and the sauce, I think I overdid it.

I’m typically a 120/75 kind of BP girl.

When I got to work this morning and took my BP, it was 149/99.

And my head still hurts.

My mom called to check on me and said,”Jenn, now you really have to lose weight”.

So, today at lunch, I will be consuming an entire bunch of bananas (potassium helps lower your blood pressure) and coming up with a healthy meal plan to prevent this from even happening again.

‘Cause I really thought Tommy Lee was pounding out his next drum solo in my head.

And let’s be honest… that’s just doesn’t sound pretty, does it?


The Link said...

Eat more banannas or I will personally come to D-town where you work and kick your HBP hiney myself. What on earth, dudette? Maybe calming down might help. Say it with me....gooz frah bah. Yes, again....gooz frah bah.

Jenn said...

Link, your comment made me smile. Trust me, I am. And lowfat yogurt and dark chocolate all of which help lower your BP. I don't need any passing out in my bathroom considering nobody else has a key. It would be a hot mess!