Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I know you’re going to think this is a ridiculous WFMW post, but I consider this one of my wisest posts yet.

I have been a severe allergy suffered my entire life. I’m not talking about sniffles when my car has turned hologram green from the pollen, I mean allergies to everything – cats, dogs, mold, grass, wood – you name it, I’m allergic to it. Just know that there’s an allergy test story in there and it ended with me hallucinating tucked under my daybed.

The long and short – it was VERY bad.

My allergies are bad. But in the spring, they are MUCH WORSE.

In addition, any allergy sufferer can attest that you begin to develop immunities to medications that you are prescribed. Those RX’s that used to ease your pain now make things worse, more congested, making you wish you’d never asked your friendly Dr. ENT for relief. I have developed an immunity to cortisone which has for several years been my BFF during the spring.

This year, I was determined not to spend $500 on dr.’s appointments, prescription meds, and lost time at work. I should take allergy shots, but HELLO, if you poke me, I will cry. I don’t care how small that needle is, or how much you tell me it won’t hurt. You lie. You liars with needles.

So… I started taking Zyrtec long before spring every sprung. When my car finally did turn green, I mean, when Spring sprang, I supplemented my Zyrtec with the real Sudafed. I don’t mean some knock-off/generic brand. I mean the name brand Sudafed.

Except for this last week when Maple, Oak, Hickory, and Magnolia have been out to get me, I have had the best spring yet. I haven’t had to see a Dr. (PTL), and I haven’t spent hundreds of dollars in prescriptions meds. Plus, there have been all kinds of coupons for $4 off on Zyrtec, so I’ve spent a total of $57.00 to cover the last four months. That breaks down to $0.48 cents per day to keep the doctor away.

And trust me… that works for me. :)

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Aims said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It meant a lot to me. I worry way too much and I need to stop. Keep me in your prayers.

Mom2fur said...

Boy, do I feel your pain! I'm also allergic to almost 'everything.' Sounds like you have perennial rhinitis, like I do. The funny thing is that I have 5 pets. You acclimate to animals, but you can't really get used to pollen because it isn't around all the time.
And, OMG, you are so right about spring. I actually missed work yesterday because I was up all night with a severe sinus headache. I live on Sudafed and Claritin. But Zyrtec, huh? I will have to remember that for next year, although I might try some now, too! I'll do anything. I hate being like this...I swear it isn't just headaches, but brain damage. Clogged up sinuses can sure make you stupid.
BTW, another thing I like to use is a saline solution. The brand I like is Ayr. Costs about $12, but comes with 100 little salt packs so it lasts forever. It's basically just saltwater (and maybe with something else) you pump up your nose to rinse out all the pollen and dust and dander. Seems to help!
Hang in there...those damned trees have to stop throwing out pollen sometime!

Ginny said...

I have bad allergies as well. Zyrtec works well & so does the Sudafed. I agree on the generic stuff! For my allergies, even when I was little I could tell the difference between generic & brand. I haven't tried it yet, but look into the Netty Pot, I've heard good things about it.