Friday, May 2, 2008

Various and unsundries... Part Ocho

I thought I could use one of these posts today...

  • I have failed to blog that,... I don't totally hate the haircut. She did give me something reminsicent of a rattail, and I had to cut that off, but otherwise, ... it actually looks good.
  • See, I am willing to admit when I am wrong.
  • I often have to admit when I'm wrong. :)
  • We started reading Sex God by Rob Bell last night at our bible study.
  • Very interesting book.
  • I was pretty exhausted last night.
  • Everybody ran out of my house after Grey's like they were on fire.
  • I think I'm the only one who thought it was humorous.
  • I have a really tall, lovely friend who has redeemed the name "Sarah" for me. She is one cool kid.
  • I am definitely NOT going to Mexico.
  • And I'm very sad about that.
  • But when I called my Mom to tell her, she suggested that we take a trip to Miami this year.
  • I mean, ... do I have the BEST MOM or WHAT?
  • My love for all things David Caruso is feigning a little. He's kind of playing a vigilante cop. Boo.
  • But oh my celebrity crush for Matthew Gray Gubler is growing leaps and bounds.
  • I love the nerdy/melodramatic ones.
  • My celebrity crushes mirror my taste in men in real life.
  • I got into a "disagreement" with Sprint this morning.
  • I may soon be changing my second cell phone to Cingular/AT&T.
  • There may be another family plan in the works so that my brother can get an IPhone.
  • It's lovely outside.
  • Thank you God for the weather!!

Be blessed Y'all!!



The Link said...

I've read Sex God by Rob Bell. It's good. Every time I do the Word Verification thing I feel like I'm typing Dutch.

Karen said...

No, not AT&T, VERIZON!!
I am very sad to hear you are not going to Mexico. Maybe you can go to Italy with Brad and Seth that weekend.
Rob Bell is great. I read that book and I can hear him saying the words like he does in his video.
Miss you.
ps- studying is not going well. You may have to tutor me when I get back.