Thursday, May 1, 2008

the closest thing to celebrity

I have expressed many times on this "blawg" my deep love for all things Beth Moore. I have cried with her in many a DVD at home, at work, on bible study, and in books too. She has blessed my soul.

Her daughter Amanda -- who is just a few years younger than I, has blessed my heart too through her candidness on the LPM blog and hers as well.

MinistrysoFabulous and I had a conversation the last time she was at my house because I was in awe that Amanda left a comment over on MsF. I mean... to me, she's kind of a celebrity! So, I was thrilled that a celebrity would acknowledge AB.

and then it happened.

Yesterday, I checked my email, and it said that I had a comment from Amanda.

I have Amanda friends, and was initially thrilled that one of them would leave me a comment.

But when I posted it, I realized EXACTLY WHICH Amanda has posted.

That's when I saw Jackson's face. And I screeched/squealed. And I 'bout fell over.

Lawdy have Mersie, Mrs. Beth Moore's daughter had left me a comment.

I emailed AB to tell her I was taking her to dinner because I'm confident that this is because of her. And thus I texted my OH-SO-VERY-EXCITABLE Bible study friends, Bits & Amy to tell them.

and to kinda make them jealous.

Not really.

If you haven't stopped by to read Baby Bangs... let me suggest you do so now. I love Amanda's heart as a young minister's wife, God-fearin' gal, and Mama. She doesn't mince words, and has the wisdom to write and share it all.

And ... leave her a comment. :)

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Staci said...

Oh my gosh! I would be the same way, Jenn!! I saw a local weatherman once and you would've thought it was Brad Pitt :)