Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh and I forgot to mention...

1) Tickets to see New Kids on the Block in Atlanta go on sale June 9 -- does anyone want to go with me?
2) The season finale of CSI: Miami left Horatio Caine presumably dead on a tarmack. I ACTUALLY SCREAMED AT THE TELEVISION. ARRGH.
3) I think I have a serious problem with crime dramas. I could watch them for hours. :) MGG!!!
4) Oak, Hickory, and Pecan trees are blooming in case your allergies are bothering you. I am most allergic to these and sound pretty crummy.
5) Blood Pressure is much better today, and it was good last night except for seeing #2. I think it spiked when I saw what happened.
6) I get to have lunch with my friend Bitsy today! Yay!!!! Welcome to Moe's!!!!


Aims said...

If I lived near Atlanta I would go with you to see NKOTB, but sadly I do not. I am jealous that you get to eat at Moe's. I miss Moe's. We have Chipotle, but Mike doesn't like it, so I don't get to eat it much:-(

Holly said...

Uh... I forgot to text you back the other night! I WANT to go, I just can't spend a million on tickets. $50 is my limit.

Whittaker Woman said...

New Kids! That was my first concert I ever went to! I loved Joey! H