Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I have had a very "poopy" week. I'm not hormonal for obvious reasons anymore.

I think this little cartoon is just the cutest thing. B. is coming over to work on his resume. My friend may soon be an ESPN camera man. I'm very proud of him for working feverishly to make his dreams come true.

Work has been busy. I had my first training class today (I am enrolled in a seminar called Leaders for Life). They make you take the DiSC test... if you've taken it, please share your results. Well... as it turns out, I am two totally different people. It's the craziest thing, and I don't mean in an unhealthy way. It's just... very interesting. At home, I am a CD, and at work I am an SI. Broken down very simply, I am a dominator at home, calculated and try to keep things in order, and very unwilling to change. At work, I am more relational (I mean SIGNIFICANTLY more relational), and more trusting, and more prone to change. I was really floored by the findings. There were alot of other surprises. It's funny how you know who you really are down deep inside, but you don't let anyone else see that. Well... this little test fully exposed me. Oh well. Maybe it's time for the masks to come down.

Haven't had much time to work on reunion stuff. Feel kinda bad though, like I should be doing more? I did call a few catering places, to get estimates. Tomorrow, I need to call around to a few more places. I am very nervous about this weekend. We'll see.

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benjaminslife said...

I'm ready to get this weekend over and done with ;-)