Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thank God For Vacas...

This weekend was SO INCREDIBLY therapeutic. I think I misspelled that, but don't care. Let me back up and say that I am an email and myspace addict. I am... and it's okay. The beauty of vacations is that you can't check it. It was so quiet!

This weekend I went to Florida with my friend D., and we just had the best time. The last time I went to Florida, I was with my favorite person, but my trip wound up nothing like I expected. It wound up being a total disaster. And, since my recent few weeks have revolved around redemption, this weekend was nothing shy of it. I needed vacation redemption. The drive was only about seven hours, but it was good to talk, and listen, and to be able to just be a friend, with no strings attached. I got to play with two of my favorite little people, as they were down vacationing too. I also found out that my FL buddies is close friends with my previously mentioned Florida buddy. It is a small world and it is getting smaller.

Saturday, we went to a birthday party for six year old. It was so much fun. My gift was a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book and a pack of crayons. So, in appropriate fashion, I colored a page. Simplicity is a beautiful thing, and while it was awesome to learn to color inside the lines as a child, I am so thankful that God colors outside of the lines I have drawn for Him in my own life. I am also thankful for the brilliant colors he displays, in friends and loved ones, and everyday blessings that I must constantly remind myself that I am unworthy of. And... regardless of all that, He still loves me as His child, in spite of my sin and frail worthless humanity, and loves me more each day. So color a page the next time you have a chance.

Today was another drive home. Let me back up to say that it was 75 degrees and sunny in Florida on Saturday. I really did not want to leave. It makes me want to look for a job down there!!! Anyway, we drove home today, and had a blast. On the way down and up, we just sang along really loudly with the radio. I never do that anymore. She didn't care if I could sing or not. I was able to share alot of the pain that I have gone through (mostly self-inflicted because I held onto a situation that was not good), but she listened, and gave good advice. She in turn was able to share alot of what she was going through, and I just got to be a friend -- no pretense -- just a set of ears with a compassionate heart to hear her struggles.

On the way down we were listening to old Michael W. Smith, and one of his songs about love (I cannot find the song title right now), but it simply talks about how we have to give it away. It made me think though about how we give it away to people who don't want it, and how angry and frustratated that makes us, and how God must feel. Just a thought...

Well, this week is another busy week, and another weekend I won't be home. I have found a church now that I can truly get plugged into. No more excuses. I am SO excited!!! I have so much I wanted to say, but it is late, and I must go.

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