Thursday, February 2, 2006

... so Todd is in charge of ...

I can't remember now how many times I've thrown that into conversations in the last week. In the week of collecting info for my high school reunion, I have to say that tonight has been the most fun I've had. It is presently 11:24, and I have been sitting at my computer working since about 7:50 tonight. Probably doesn't seem like much.. but tonight I got the breakthrough!

I found an email for a friend from band, who said he would send me a few addresses. I have come to understand that what that actually means is: "thanks for calling, I'll see you at the reunion". Fortunate for me... my friend P. came through. He gave me four addresses, which gave me two more... total of six. Then, I broke down and called every entry of a particular last name until somebody answered the phone. I am relentless, and it paid off. A lady answered the phone, and I asked for a person, and she giggled and said, "well, that's my grandson", so I told her why I was calling, and who I was, and she and I chatted for quite a few minutes, and she gave me two phone numbers. So, I called her grandson, and I talked to his wife (very funny) for a few minutes, then talked to him for almost 40!!! He gave me names and parents' names of seven classmates. He said, and I quote "it's funny that you're calling cause I know you're white! But regardless, I can help you out, and what I can't find, my Mama can". So, the moral of the story, Mama's are the Greatest Source of Information ever. I called one Daddy, four Mama's and a Grandmama tonight. But the best part... the guy gave me a name for one girl (Holly... it's Kenya Beasley)... and I talked to her for an hour. I am sad to say that I don't ever remember having a conversation with her in high school, but we had so much fun on the phone, that I think we are going to try to meet up here soon! She works in WP at the only place to work in WP, and she found out that I know TONS of people there! Then... the sweetheart that she is,... gave me ten phone numbers. After we got off the phone, I talked to another classmate that is now a physical therapist, and has done very well for herself. It's so nice to hear that everyone is doing good. I just had a blast tonight. And... drumroll please... I have info on 100 classmates. Nobody cares about that except me. Besides finding them, it has just been so much fun talking to them. I know that there are people who don't like me, and are never going to change, and from the depth of my heart, it's okay. It's their loss. I don't say that haughtily, but ... fact is, that it really just is their loss. But the ones who have been kind -- it will truly be exciting to see them!

I have also determined that the D-R-A-M-A will be overshadowed by people who are geniune, and have been looking forward to this for a while. And those girls will always be Drama Queens. And I... fall right into their little traps. :) Here's something to look forward to finally changing in the next ten years.

Work... has been boring. I am going to file my taxes tomorrow. I intended to try and do them myself tonight (for the FIRST time ever), but am just too tired.

JM is exhausted in CT. He is working 75-hour weeks. I keep suggesting that he send money to his sister in Tennessee. I could always start a scholarship fund... or color my hair. Whichever one floats my boat!

Well, it's 11:38, and I think I should just get off of here! Later!

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