Sunday, February 5, 2006


This weekend I went home. Here's a recap: Friday night, went and saw a friend and her new baby. Interesting conversation. Saturday, time with Mom... then went and ate dinner and hung out with my best friend. Sunday, went to church, time with Grandparents, drove home.

I think my hormones have just been whack this week. I mean.... fo'shiizzy whack YO. It's been terrible. I have been tense about stuff that I have no reason flipping out about. I obsess. I found my high school yearbook and actually looked at it. The most random thing caught me off guard: in my senior portrait, I have on virtually no make-up. I mean, almost non-existent. But then, I really started looking. I started reading things, and looking at people. And then, my conversation with my BF. It was in the most random place, but has to be one of the most therapeutic things in a really long time. (I am probably misspelling every other word, but I don't care right now... btw.)

Anyway... I needed to hear every word she said. When I see these people, they are going to see who I am now... 100%.

Gotta run...

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