Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I don't like being sick alone. Plus, I went out and spent $39.41 at the pharmacy. Yikes! I forgot how expensive it was so be under the weather. I have been exposed to Laryngitis. I managed to avoid an outbreak of bronchitis a few weeks back, but no such luck on this one. :(

Thought I'd share the books I'm reading now:

Speaking in Tongues - John Lombard, Jr. & Jerald J. Daffe

Passion & Purity - Elisabeth Elliot

Celebration of Discipline (25th Anniversary Edition) - Richard J. Foster

These are my 'Bed buddies' so to speak. Inciteful, meaningful words.

Went to dinner with friends, and realized how random I am becoming. Craziness. I am also getting very excited for this weekend!!! Yeah!!!

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benjaminslife said...

Passion and Purity is one of my favorite books of all time. I remember reading parts of it over and over. Jenn H. told me about it when I met her at camp :-)

Sorry you are sick and yes, meds are expensive these days. You probably would have made out better going to the doc and getting scripts.

What are you doing this weekend?