Thursday, February 16, 2006

So... here's what been happening since my last, well out-of-nowhere post. Two very close friends, are now going to be parents, one high school classmate was buried, and three people are newly engaged. Valentine's was a little overwhelming for the single girl to say the very least.

But... everything is okay! I am still reading a book which is adamant about passion, purity, honor, and patience. I haven't really prayed for a man that honors me, well, ever. I always prayed for someone to respect and love me, but haven't really prayed for honor. This book emphasizes honor, above respect, beyond loyalty, transcending what I think is appropriate and necessary. I just love it. It also highly encourages the need to be quiet. I have a hard time doing this. I want to vocalize things that I just don't need to. One thing the author mentions is not journalizing feelings so as not to give the Devil a foothold. He can't remind you of something you can't really remember. Hope that makes sense; it did to me. I am notorious for writing in my journal, and rereading it, only resulting in reliving it, or remembering something bad or hurtful. I'm trying to take her advice.

Talked to more 'old' friends (I feel like a Brownie again -- "Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, and the other is gold".) For the record, I was the most forgetful Brownie in my troop. I was a straight A student, with almost perfect attendance, but I almost always forgot some piece of my uniform. Funny stuff. Back to the old friends... talked to one girl today whom I have not spoken with in nearly ten years. She has a new baby. She is not in the same predicament that I was told she was. It was good to hear. I like learning optimism. I am realizing that I am going to make a lot of mistakes. I can't know every details of every person. I can't micromanage those relationships.

Well... it's late, so I've got to go to bed. Going to Florida this weekend -- Thank God for a vacation!!!

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