Wednesday, April 5, 2006


I haven't blogged in a few days. My mind has just been on a thousand other things. My Granddaddy had surgery on his right knee on Monday and it was kinda scary, and it's a little touchy right now. I told my Grandmother today that she couldn't get old. I mean, I don't like her changing the pictures at her house, then she can't get old either. Okay, so I realize this is completely unrealistic and totally preposterous, but my grandparents haven't really aged that much to me. They still are invicible. To hear that my Granddaddy is really sick and loopy from the morphine drip honestly just makes me cry. I love my Granddaddy. He's the Greatest Ever.

So... no more crying tonight! Oh wait... I watched this show called "Born without a face", and while it sounds as horrific as it really was, there was this little girl (2 years old) who was totally perfect except for her face. She can't make much noise when she cries, because the glands and facial structure chromosome are missing, but she made this sniffing noise and tears ran down her face. I sat on my couch and bawled. It's incredible what the doctors have done for her and will continue to do, but it just made me think so much about life, and how much I take for granted. Woo... too deep!

Just when I think I'm at a settled place, something happens in my life to make me think I am not. That last sentence doesn't make much sense, but in all reality, I am not happy where I am right now. I am in a good place, but there is more, and I'm ready for it. What does "MORE" entail? Good question. Ask God.

I'm a little frustrated about having to drive down to GA this weekend only to drive back for a shower I am helping throw on Saturday. But I will get over it soon enough, and forget I was ever frustrated.

Not much else right now...

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jamie d said...

hope everything works out with your grandfather. jamie