Sunday, April 30, 2006


It's now 5:00pm. I went to lunch at 1, and got home at 4. We had 40 people in our party and it took forever. Fun stuff though, in that I got to spend time with some new and old friends. Am I really as shy as I think? Anyway...

This weekend:
Friday night I went to hang out with a friend and watch the Daytime Emmy's. Yay for General Hospital.

Saturday, got up and dropped my car off for routine service at Wally World, then went to Chatty to eat at this great little place called the Pickle Barrel. I highly recommend it. I totally love fried pickles and that was the first appetizer on the menu! After that, did some shopping at Hamilton Place Mall, then went and watched Take the Lead. It was a great movie! It's a good first date movie. My first date was Centerstage (the ballet movie), and I loved it! It inspired me enough to make the first move and kiss my date that night! Last night was not quite the same, but it was still fun. Then, we went to Steak-n-Shake for a late night snack. Went back to Wal-Mart to get my car, and they had misplaced my keys and told me to come back in the A.M. I looked at the guy and said "Yeah,.... that's not gonna work!" I was nice about it, but I was definitely frustrated. Then they charged me $21.99 for something that I didn't ask for, and had to call the TLE manager back today to get that straightened out. It was a bit frustrating!!!!

Went to church this morning, and it was an awesome service! Tonight we're having another guest singer and a praise and worship service.

I pulled my hair back, and I kinda look like a skunk. It's very funny!!!

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