Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Tonight, I gave myself a mini-pedicure/manicure. (Long overdue.) As my hands were dry, I went to find some lotion, and as I grabbed the a lotion I haven't used in over a year, I sort of got flooded with memories. Life and love are messy, and beautiful, painful, and beyond exhilerating, but very real, with surreal moments to give us enough time to pause and enjoy them, as well as store away the memory in the archive of our minds of how wonderful and tangible it all really is. And I got that all from lotion. Wow.


The Best GrandDaddy in the world is getting better every day.
I have a great job.

I get to see my toes at work because there is no Nazi rule about hosiery. Thank God.
I am so sore from yesterday's "Field Day".
My foot is healed! Praise the Lord! Now I must cancel the appt. with the Orthopedist on Monday.
I love good books.
I love insightful authors more.
I get to go to New York!!! YEAH!!!!
I get to see three musicals/plays while I am in New York... YEAH!!!!
I have the coolest brother ever.
My step-brother just needs love.
I have a crush.
I haven't been "drastic" with my hair in three months. That's a big deal for me.
I can't wear my blue contacts anymore. :(
I love band-aids and used to collect different kinds.
I don't collect shot glasses anymore (b/c I don't have a place to store them), but people still buy them for me.
I have over 200 shot glasses from North America, South America, and Europe.
I am trying to change, to be better.
I got asked to go shopping for Prada shoes with a really nice gay guy today. Apparently, he is blind, or he would see I have no style. I am still thankful for the invitation anyway. :)
I still want to tell the crazy tambourine lady, Paula Abdul, to sit down.


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