Sunday, April 9, 2006


Lots to blog about, and stuff I can't blog about.

I really hate being stiffled, but I can't go back to hurting people on the internet.

This week has been ridiculously crazy! I'm glad it's over, but kinda dread another wild week, you know? Friday morning, I packed a light back to drive home for a reunion meeting and to visit my Granddaddy. I didn't realize the magnitude of the storms that were coming through TN, and had a friend call and ask to park her car underneath my carport. No biggie... right? Wow... I think 12 people were killed just this weekend alone. You can't play God with a tornado. Keep praying for those who lost loved ones.

So Friday night went... EXCEPTIONAL. I was so excited. We were able to make a lot of decisions that really needed to be made without any drama. Thank God.


I am going to NYC for Memorial Day!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! John Mark helped with the ticket and I am so excited to spend four days in the city!!! I am already nervous about flying, but I will have Friday to chill in the city and maybe check out a matinee show!

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