Tuesday, April 18, 2006


If life is a church, then Paula Abdul is that lady in the congregation with a tambourine, playing offbeat during praise and worship. You just want to walk over and yank that thing right out of her hand. I secretly want to make her sit down via ESP everytime I watch her jump up and down during Idol. She drives me crazy. The Tambourine Lady drives me crazy.

Do you ever get the impression that people are avoiding you? Intentionally??? For the record,... you know who you are, and frankly, I am disappointed. I expect that out of some, but you,... really?

Anyway... today was another interesting day at work. Well, my Mom called today to tell me about our joint gas bill (I mean gasoline as in Car gasoline), and the present balance is an astounding $900.00. I think I actually paused breathing just to let that sink in. That hurts... wow that hurts!

They hired a new director for our adjacent department today, and notified the entire company before they notified the actual department. Two point loss for Corporate Tact. !!!

That's really all. Visitation and the funeral for my professor are this week, and fortunately, I will be able to attend. Nothing else exciting is going on...

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