Monday, April 17, 2006


Okay... it's noon, and I'm at the public library in D-Town, and I'm long overdue to type one of these. But that's okay... I've been busy.

This weekend, I wasn't supposed to go home. I made plans to meet my friend Crystal in the ATL, and have fun and drive back home. Didn't quite work out that way though. We finished around 10:00 Friday night, and I was too tired to drive back so I drove to my parents house. Saturday morning, I went and visited my grandparents. Saturday evening, I went and helped my Mom clean her office. I have never seen so many papers in my whole life. We also found a skirt for me for Easter. It's white linen, and I haven't worn anything even remotely like it in ten years, but I like it. Except for the fact that you can see straight through it when the sun hits it even with a slip. Anyway, My mom and I worked in her office until like 1:15am Sunday morning, but we were able to get SO much done!

Sunday, I went to church and then back to my grandparents for family dinner. I got to meet my cousins 24-year old boyfriend. He's nice. K. is 18, and her beau asked permission to date her. I think they'll get married next year if things progress. I drove home last night and didn't do much.

The next three months are CRAZY! With the exception of this weekend, I have something going on every weekend into the middle of July. My friend Robert and his pregnant girlfriend Y. come into town in two weeks, a meeting the next weekend, Mother's Day after that, a graduation and wedding the following weekend, New York for Memorial Day (I'm psyched about that too!!!), another wedding after that, company for a week after the wedding, another wedding, another meeting, a concert with a friend in July -- Yes Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and a wedding after that. I am going to be POOPED!!! I sat down and realized how much all this is going to cost, and think I might have to fast. WOW!

This weekend, I did call a few more people about the $2,000,000. Here's the full story:

Fourteen years ago, God gave my pastor (at the time) a vision for the church, local community, outreach, and missions. It was awesome. I remember parts of it, but I also remember God revealing it to other members of our congregation as confirmation. There were several messages given out during that time too, some individual, some for everyone, that talked about how much God was going to bless our area, our families, and our lives. Four years later, the pastor up and left. The church really was hurt deeply, in part, because we had an awesome pastor, but also because we weren't really sure where this was going to leave the church and the vision.

Fast forward nine years -- and my family left the COG. This was a big deal, and they were really criticized for it. I know in my heart that this was the best decision and God opened the doors for another church for them. Well, about three years ago, my family's current pastor asked what the building fund should be, and my Mom said $1,000,000. (I'm sure a few of you have already read this part too). Well, the Pastor laughed, but the secretary wrote this all down. Over the course of the last three years, the pastor has periodicially mentioned the million in jest. Last Sunday ago, the Pastor called my Mom up and apologized to her for not seeing her faith and that the Lord had already given the vision, BECAUSE, the company that owns The Hilton has offered the church $2,000,000 for their five acres of land. Now, if any of you have been to where I'm from... why is the Hilton coming??? KIA. There is a small piece of land that is making the deal contingent, but I view that as a minute detail.

I'm writing all this to say: God is SO faithful to provide what we need. It is no accident that $2,000,000 suddenly fell into the Valley. It is a divine appointment. I called the old pastor yesterday to tell him about this and to encourage him, and he told me this:

Two years after he left our church, he had a dream. He had returned to the church, and we were building a new sanctuary and were in the process of bricking it. He started grabbing bricks and throwing them at the building screaming, "This was my church, this was my vision!!!" Pastor said that the God quickened him and said "This was NEVER your vision, It was never about you. It was my vision. It was my promise."

So, be encouraged. God is bringing things to pass that I could have never fathomed. I know my husband is in these promises. I can hardly wait!!!

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