Saturday, April 22, 2006


So... my original post for today discussed how I wanted to blog and had no words. I do now.

I've been thinking alot about change. Here are three truths about me:

1) I have a deep mistrust of people down in my very core. While my personal intuition is often right, I say with great pain that confirmation is never comforting.
2) I fear change. For all the instability in my lifetime, I cling desperately to routine, even the most mundane routine because I have not fully dealt with things.
3) Everything I say is nothing, and nothing is really everything. I often discuss things that have no intrinsic value to me, except for mere conversation. Very few care greatly enough to ask beyond the surface.

I'm still reading the D. Miller book. It's stomped on my toes alot.

How does Jesus really feel about people?
What part of Jesus' ministry wasn't relational?
How do we counterbalance loving people and telling them or not telling them the truth in love?

There are a bazillion more questions, but that's all that I'm typing now.

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