Sunday, April 9, 2006

04.09.2006 ... Again

So, I don't think I ever completed a thought from the last post. Friday, I drove home for a reunion meeting and to visit my Granddaddy. Reunion meeting was incredible. Moving away and actually growing up really makes me appreciate these people. I really think 10 years has been better to us than we think. As far as my family, I made my Granddaddy laugh and it made my whole week. He really is the neatest man ever, and I pray my husband is half the man my Granddaddy is, because I will truly be the luckiest woman ever. Also, in making him laugh, we helped him calm down so that he could take medicine to stop the nausea and actually start getting better. For the first time in a week, he slept more than two hours, and is now doing better. He walked down the hall and can walk to the bathroom without many problems. He's on a walker, and that just tears me up, but I know it's temporary and when the rehab is done, he'll be a man with a brand new knee!!!

Saturday morning, I drove back to TN after the tornadoes subsided in the area (there is a story there, but hopefully I will forget that I was aggravated soon) for my friend A.'s shower. There were seven of us, including A. and her fiance. It was not the shower we were hoping for, but it was good to see her. I am so thankful that I have maintained my friendship with her! Saturday night I slept twelve hours. I was just exhausted from running around (or driving around -- 6 hours in two days) like a chicken.

Other random things that happened... got asked out at my doorstep. Totally wasn't expecting that, and it was just weird. Why are weird guys attracted to me????? Spent time with K. and her daughter today. Babysat again, too! Me & Small Fry have so much fun. She's hysterical. Today she just kept saying "Jenfur" (that's what it sounds like) and asking "Why Jenfur?" She squished her finger the last time she was here, and made a point to tell me that I should throw away my chair today. She is a mess, but I love her.

My Mom called me and told me some stuff about her church today, and I have to say that God is awesome! I used to have this little cliche that reference that God had a plan to get the Israelite children from point A to point B, and that because of their disobedience, it took 40 years instead of 3 weeks or so. Let's just say that God outlined a plan for my hometown fourteen years ago, but men got in the way and progress seemed at a standstill. But, God still had a plan, and now $2,000,000 later, it's about to be revealed! It's just so awesome! I cried joyous tears today knowing in the core of my being that God is so faithful and so Good, and He has so many plans that He is just waiting to fulfill. I love it!

Well... it's 11:43pm, and I have to be awake at 6am. Goodnight!!!

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