Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I got to work way earlier than usual this morning. It was after 1:00am before I fell asleep, and my exhaustion is making me totally rethink going to this DVD taping. Yes, interpeeps, I'm a sleeper. I can't help it. I love sleep. To be snuggly and warm and in dreamland... is.a.beautiful.thing. Indeed. So, I am fighting the urge.

In funny news, the crush called me last night, under the guise of coming by to watch Dancing with the Stars. (I know, I know... don't fuss at me. Pray for me!) He got to my house about thirty minutes before anybody else, and we chatted briefly and then I realized: He and I can have quiet time and I don't freak out. I say, candidly, that I cannot do that with a lot of people. Silence makes me nervous. But either last night was the calm before the storm, or I'm in the presence of a good man who doesn't make me want to talk incessantly about nothing just to occupy space, time, and frequency. It was truly MAH-velous.

So my mind, gaping black emotional, relationship hole that it is, is filled with these thoughts:
1) I am so thankful for being able to just meet guys who aren't married, divorced, angry at women in general, complete jerks, or total heathens.
2) I am thankful for meeting a good man to remind my heart that God has not forgotten me.
3) I am thankful for learning how to not act crazy around a boy.
4) I am thankful for the emotional incentive he provides that I can't articulate fully.
5) God is still working on me. To make me what I ought to be. It took him 7 days to make the heavens, earth, and man,... so my husband should be 1/32 of a nano-second in Holy time. How loving and patient He must be. He's still working on me. :)
6) There are still really incredible men out there, who are totally sold out and in love with Jesus -- one for me, and others for my wonderful Godly female friends. That's right girls, God didn't call us all to be celibate.
7) I'm thankful for meeting people who remind me that being 28 and unmarried is not modern-day leprosy. And being 28, and a non-mother is not cause for banishment to said lepper colony. Props to my great friend A. for always being that encourement for me.
8) I read a blogfriend's post about her boyfriend "popping the question" with a ringpop, and it made me think that those aforementioned great-guys-who-will-make-incredible-husbands are not only husband-material, but they are:
a) creative
b) smart
c) funny
d) they get us!
e) passionate about the Lord
f) silly when necessary, or unneccessary
g) Not late, but On Time. God's time, that is.
h) will be spiritual heads of our households

Okay... I could keep rattling on, but you see the point. Be encouraged, single ladies. We are not forgotten. Isn't that what Israel Houghton taught us? LOL.

The only other thing I read/did/saw yesterday, and I know this should be funny, but I laughed, WAS:

The archbishop in Chicago fell. On Holy Water. Then proceeded to graciously remind people that he falls down, but He got up.

I loved it. Just loved it. He did hurt his hip, but he's doing okay.

Oh, BooMama's post about Wii makes me want to get one and play with it and make my own Mii.

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