Monday, April 2, 2007

Psalm 139:23-24

So... I'm really trying to get past this blogging funk. I used to blog first thing... right after I got to work, and it seemed to work. So, I am returning to old habits in the hopes that I can move past this *thing* whatever it is.

Last night, I wrote these scriptures in the prayer journal that I keep by my bed. And this morning, my friend A. send me an email from her friend C., and low and behold, something I call confirmation. And Perspective.

Here I am worrying about something that, in the grand scheme is probably not all that important, probably just me being a drama queen, with this friend, Mr. C. has serious issues, but faith like nobody's business, and I am reminded that, I must count my blessings for I AM BLESSED. And the Deuteronony 28 blessed too. But, it is easy to forget when I stop focusing on Jesus.

That's right folks, this morning, I am Peter, looking at the water instead of the Savior. (I'm gonna have to read that book again!)

I am asking for your prayers as this morning I am applying for a very substantial position, in the hopes of sticking around town for a while. Yes, putting Hawaii on God's time not mine. (I know my FBC ladies will be rejoicing when they read this... (you should comment too!).) In doing so, I am publicly acknowledging two things: 1) I am not, nor have I ever been IN CONTROL, and 2) Nothing has ever worked out in my time frame, only God's, and for me to be foolish and think otherwise is well... FOOLISH. I am also cognitive that this position may not work out, and that's okay, but I'm at least trying. So, pray for me if you will.

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