Monday, April 23, 2007

Silence is...

Sorry for the bloggy absence as of late. It comes from a combination of lack of time and lack of anything really good to blog.

Sometimes, silence is golden. I do, however, appreciate the comments that I've been missed. It truly warms my heart.

Because of my long absence, I think a list is appropriate:

1) Haven't heard anything on the J-O-B front. Three more positions opened up, and I have applied for them, so I appreciate any and all prayers that hit the Throneroom on my behalf. :)

2) I spent the weekend with my parents, and LORD-Y was it wonderful. I feel like I have been in a funk lately, and have had a bad attitude, etc, and getting away this weekend was good for my soul. I truly feel like myself again.

3) I am going on a mini-vacation. I haven't seen real Atlantic Coast sand in almost six years. There was an almost in Tampa a few years ago, but didn't pan out. I am pumped!

4) Allergies. Me and Pollen are not friends. In trying to be a good daughter this weekend, I helped my parents and cut their grass. On the allergan scale of 1-6, with 1 being little or no allergy, and 6 being off-the-richter allergy, I have 5's and 6's for every type of grass. I actually blew dirt out of my nose. (I know you all were just dying to hear that.) In praying for my husband, I want him to understand that I love cutting grass, but grass loves to get me more. And I never win.

5) I got the last of my tax money. I know that's probably horribly conceited to mention, but it's been frustrating, and I'm glad that all is said and done now.

6) Although I haven't found my husband yet (or, ... we haven't found each other), I did find the perfect wedding dress. I would share the address, but I'm afraid somebody might try to be sneaky and steal it, and you know, we'd have to have a layin'-on-of-hands-service, and I don't mean the good kind. :)

Alas... my list is short.

I do want to mention a few things that I have enjoyed as of lately:
a) Swoozies catalog. You should check this place out. I just love it!
b) My Teva Mush Flipflops. I didn't own flipflops (you know, the kind with the thing between the toes) until my Jamaica trip in '01, and I have misstakenly purchased cheap ones for not finding the real deal. Mush's are the real deal.
c) Thanks to Sunburned's 2006 CD Year in Review, go buy Paul Baloche's CD. It has blessed my soul.
d) Another good CD is Kari Jobe. She's part of Christ for the Nations.

Sorry for the brevity. Maybe I should ask ya'll to help me pray for inspiration?

Oh. Tomorrow I will blog about my experience trying on bathing suits. Stay tuned. You don't want to miss it!

Much love,...

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Jenn said...

I love my Tevas! :) I should check out their mushy flip flops though because I'm a big fan of flip flops.