Monday, April 9, 2007

Now I've got time!!

Yep... me again. Two posts in one day. Quite the rarity, huh?

Life is ever-bustling for me. As my busy social calendar below gives indication, this week will truly be hectic, but hopefully, (and I am crossing my fingers, toes, and arms)... good for my soul. I am very excited about getting to be a part of a DVD taping. That, and I absolutely loved When Wallflowers Dance. If you haven't read anything by Angela Thomas, start with Do you think I'm beautiful?. It's such a good book! My new problem -- what to wear. :(

A friend posted an easter picture this morning from 1984, and commented on carrying a purse. I had to comment, because, being the effervescent pastor's kid in the Church of God during the 1980's, I was subjected to ginormous puffy dresses with krenlin slips and enough lace to circumfrence the globe once, as well as patent leather shoes, lacey anklets (as they must match aforementioned dress), a white sweater for those times when church was chilly or it was cool, and the matching purse. As I shared with J., my purse was always filled with the essentials for a young PK, that is Kleenex and pennies. And the occassional lego toy, which I can only assume was to keep my punk little brother occupied so that he wouldn't crawl under the pew. (He totally did anyway, and invariably would bang his head on the pew.) While I'm on this note, I thought I would share a few Easter memories... some I remember, and some I am retold as often as someone feels the need to give me a hard time for being a brat.

1982 -- Our first year in Gadsden. My mother got me dressed first, then my brother, in a baby blue shorts suit (a little blue suit jacket with lovely matching blue knee shorts) with cute little knee socks and Buster Brown shoes. She then proceeded to leave me alone with JM while she got dressed. ** BIG MISTAKE** Being the wonderful nurturer that I am, I allowed my brother to get into his easter basket full of chocolate. After JM lathered his face and suit in chocolate, I got a prompt spanking (and my Mama is not one of those sissy spankers either, so I'm sure I went to church with lace and handprints on my upper thighs from her beating me!). Then, my mother had to bathe JM, and wash his suit. Needless to say, we missed Sunday school that morning. It was also this year that some sweet person that attended our church made matching pink and blue macrame Easter baskets for us that didn't even burn in our house fire. We still have those up in the attic. :)
1983 -- One of the women in our church knitted me a sweater and matching purse for Easter. It was white with little flowers on it. I left the purse at a Chinese restaurant one Sunday after lunch, and when we went back to get it, they had thrown it away. I have never forgotten that purse. :(
1984 -- There is a picture from this Easter of my brother and I early that morning still wearing our pj's posing in front of our Easter baskets. My pajama shirt says "Down With Bedtime". It was my favorite shirt ever.
1985 -- I somehow convinced my mother to let me get my hair cut to look like Dorothy Hamil, and I wore yellow. Two things -- 1) I do not look cute with a Dorothy Hamil haircut, and 2) Yellow ain't my color.
1987 -- the was the last Easter my parents were together, and I somehow convince my mother to let me buy a navy dress with white polks dots that, after one wear, I hated, and refused to wear again. She still remembers that dress.
1990 -- I got the prettiest dress that Easter and it had a deep purple in it. I convinced my mother, ever-the-fashionista, to let me buy purple shoes with a heel. I absolutely loved those shoes! But... I had a wretched perm that year. I'll try to find a pic.

Just thought I'd share....

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